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Tra­di­tio­nel­len Sloe Gin aus regio­na­len Roh­stof­fen, der Sir Dry Gin und der Zar Wod­ka run­den das Ange­bot edler Spi­rits ab.

***************************************************** Memoirs of General der Artillerie Max Karl Wilhelm von Gallwitz c 1930 When the Kaiser ascended the throne, our artillery was still something that a gunner of Napoleon’s time would have recognized. Made of steel, breech-loading, and the recently invented smokeless propellants would have all been novel.

The parish originally ran by the lake to the Seerücken mountains, and in the High Middle Ages included Mannenbach and Triboltingen.

The church of Ermatingen was built in 1359 and was incorporated into the Abbey of Reichenau. This meant that the Catholic Abbey (and after 1540 the Catholic Bishop of Constance) had the right to appoint the town priest in the mainly Reformed parish.

This situation remained until 1804, when the town acquired the right to appoint their own priest. In 1723/24 Wäldi separated from the Reformed parish, as did Gunterswil and Hohrain Wäldi in 1949.

In 1756 the community acquired rights to most itself, except for the mills and water rights.

So stellt die Bren­ne­rei in Stroh­wi­len als eine der wei­ni­gen Destil­le­ri­en der Schweiz einen Rum her.

Und was für einen: Der Señor Rum ver­mag auch Ken­ner kom­plett zu über­zeu­gen.

By the 16th century, Ermatingen was on the way to becoming a town, with a high and low council, a court and various privileges. After the incorporation of the Abbey of Reichenau into the diocese of Constance in 1540, the lower court rights were held by the Bishop, until 1798.

It was part of the land owned by the monastery of Reichenau, and the abbot was the landlord, judge and appointed the priest for the village.

The low court in the village was administered by a monastery appointed Meier.

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The Stone Age Westerfeld and Büge shoreline settlements were discovered in 1861 and studied extensively 1981-83, with finds from the Pfyn, Horgen and Corded Ware cultures (4000-2500 BC.) An Alamanni graveyard has also been found outside the early medieval village.

Die Macar­do-Spi­rits Sloe Gin, der Zar Vod­ka oder Sir Dry Gin sind in füh­ren­den Bars in der gan­zen Schweiz äus­serst belieb­te Zuta­ten für exo­ti­sche Drinks und Cock­tails. Zeit zur Her­stel­lung, Zeit zur Gärung und Rei­fung, Zeit, die Qua­li­tät nach­hal­tig zu ver­bes­sern. Die erle­se­nen Pro­duk­te von Macar­do sind mit Lei­den­schaft und nach höchs­ten Qua­li­täts­stan­dards her­ge­stellt.