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04-Dec-2017 12:38

In other words, "I'm aware of this possibility, and because I'm aware of it, it can't describe me." This in turn raises the question of why so many role-players are so eager to claim that they have no problem with maintaining the boundaries of reality.

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All that being said, there is surely much research waiting to be done on the topics you suggest, questions having to do with what sorts of people are drawn to various sorts of play, and the possible (positive and negative) effects of such play.

If any readers know of people working on such questions, please pass that along. World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Guild Wars are all social role-playing video games.

It may not be necessary to act-out a role in these games and solely embrace the technical aspects, but these games are certainly oriented towards and facilitate role-playing very effectively.

But none of this means that role players have a tenuous grip on reality.

In fact, these things are very similar to what happens when us non-role players get so caught up in a novel that we can't put it down or get so focused on a spectator sport that we feel like are on the field ourselves.

If I was deeply immersed in Minecraft, considered myself a farmer-turned architect (because you can build mines, farms, and even castles in this game), I think it's entirely possible for me to then blow my head-off because a creeper blew-up my cobblestone mansion and shattered a huge chunk of my manufactured identity.

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