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26-Jun-2017 03:16

In the Panama Papers, readers had the impression that relatively few U. Private persons who set up an offshore company, report it to the authorities and tax its profits don't usually run into problems from the perspective of tax law.

The collaborative character of the reporting has resulted in additional and better stories – and more are coming. The Paradise Papers consist of dozens of different data formats, including emails, PDFs, text documents, images and information from databases.The structure does not raise suspicions of illegality.Soros chose not to respond to requests for comment. Most of Appleby's clients are from the United States.The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting has also provided funding.

In February 2017, ICIJ separated from CPI and is now an independent, non-profit media organization.

The program makes it possible to easily search through all of the datasets and compare the data with lists of important people and companies.

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Meanwhile, the Persian dynasty of the Achaemenids formed a vassal state to the central Median power. 552 BC, the Achaemenids began a revolution which eventually led to the conquest of the empire by Cyrus II in c. They spread their influence to the rest of what is called the Iranian Plateau, and assimilated with the non-Iranian indigenous groups of the region, including the Elamites and the Mannaeans.… continue reading »

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