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The road to Preston was 'a good turnpike,' but that going south was made of 'pebble stones bruised with hammers, with nothing proper to fill up interstices.' (fn.

16) The trade of the place has continued to increase, being assisted by the opening of the canal and railways.

Several cross streets connect the two main roads, from the former of which other roads branch off south-west and west to Coppull and Wigan and to Croston and Leyland.

The Bolton and Preston Line of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, formed in 1846, goes north through the town, where there is a station. 4) From this point a branch line (1868) turns off northeast to Blackburn.

Chorley Moor lies to the south of the town, and contains the hamlets of Red Bank and Weld Bank to the south and the estate called Lighthurst.

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Starkie) four, Lawrence Breres four, and Henry Welch, clerk, three. The Revolution met no open resistance, but the story of the Chorleys in 1715 indicates that many of the people remained faithful to the exiled monarch.At the north end Southport Road turns west, passing the new almshouses on the south side, and Church Brow winds round the old church site, turning eastwards towards the workhouse and canal side; the cattle market and gas-works lie on its south side.