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10-Jun-2017 18:55

This question seems to come up quite often in forums.

If your car looks like mother nature got drunk one night and decided to drop a truckload of fist-sized rocks on it from 5000 feet , then it likely will not pass.

Beyond this stuff in the last 7 years, Lyft also does not allow anyone who is registered on the National Sex Offender Registry and DOJ 50-State Sex Offender Registry at the time that their background check is conducted, regardless of how long ago the individual was put on that registry.

The background check is initiated once you conduct your Mentor Session (which comes after you’ve applied).

You must be 21 at the time of submitting the application. You are required to have had a driver’s license for one year.

If it is your birthday next week, wait until next week to submit the application. The driver’s license must be for the state you plan to drive in and the same goes for your insurance and the plates on your car.

You can always confirm with Sterling Back Check that the background check has been conducted by contacting them.

Just keep in mind that it may take a day or two after the check comes through to get approved on Lyft’s back-end.

You will not be notified in the app whether or not the request is for a Lyft Plus or a regular Lyft.Town-cars can still display their commercial numbers as required by law.However, when operating under the Lyft platform you are not allowed to use calls generated by Lyft to accept cash or negotiate rides.Lyft Plus calls have the unique ability to transport six or more passengers for 1.5x the normal rate of a regular Lyft.

Lyft Plus vehicles must still have four doors and meet all of the requirements on age and condition as a regular Lyft vehicle.Further, the vehicle must meet all requirements listed above.